Maybe you or your parents are elderly and can’t take care of a big house anymore. Maybe you’re newly empty-nesters. Or maybe you’re retiring and moving to a smaller home or retirement community.

Whether you’re excited or dreading it, downsizing presents a challenge for most people. It requires planning and work. Plus, what to do with all that stuff you’ve accumulated over the years?

Self storage can relieve a lot of stress in the downsizing process. You can store all the things you don’t immediately need, and give yourself some time to decide what to keep and what to sell, donate, or throw away.

Our friends at Aladdin Self Storage offer clean, safe storage options to help ease your mind when downsizing. Located on Collins Lane, just off LaGrange Road at I-265, Aladdin is easily accessible and especially convenient to zip codes 40241, 40245, 40059, 40223 and 40014.

We suggest you tackle one room at a time, and make a list of what you’ll move into your new home and what you’ll move into storage. Once you have your list, you can use the Space Estimator at aladdinselfstorage.com to calculate the size of storage unit you’ll need. You’ll also find tips, FAQs, packing supplies, prices and more.

If your ready to make your move, Debra Cubero at Tonini Realty is ready to help (help you find a smaller home you’ll love, not help you pack and move boxes, although she could do that too).

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