Impress butterflies, birds, and that species called homebuyers

When it comes to curb appeal, you can impress butterflies, hummingbirds, and some humans – including those garden-variety homebuyers – with these plants from Wallitsch Garden Center.

With dazzling features, you’ll catch their eyes and draw them closer. Each variety is suitable for Kentucky’s USDA Hardiness Zone. Plus, a world filled with butterflies and cool birds is a marvelous thing.

  • Meadow Sage – Produces flowers that spike upwards offering dense foliage in stunning violet. Good for borders, rock gardens, containers and other settings.
  • Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox – Provides exceptional groundcover with deep blue color and good for Kentucky’s hot summers. Ideal for urban, cutting and rock gardens plus boarders.
  • Fiesta Time Hollyhock – Suitable for courtyards, smaller gardens and mixed containers. Features double flowers in deep, vivid pink. Ideal for mid-border vertical effects.
  • Red Carline Delphinium – Offers color variety with double crimson flowers on stems that rise impressively from mounding foliage. Quickly reaches four to six feet. Good for borders, containers, cutting and woodland gardens.
  • Zinnia (pictured) – Produces showy flowers in multiple colors that keep their look over several seasons. Ideal for edgings, containers and window boxes.

Butterflies and birds were meant to be free. Snagging a few homebuyers (or people who just adore your home) is perfectly acceptable with these plants.

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