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The house you buy is more than where you live. It’s also one of the biggest factors in determining how you live — affecting your time, your budget, your peace of mind.

Looking for a larger house? The spacious and luxurious feel is a plus, but there’s extra time and money for basic upkeep or the cost to clean it.

A large yard or even some acreage offers a beautiful vista, more seclusion and privacy. If that is what you need let’s go find it.

You may want a house in a quiet and perfectly groomed suburb, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It might also mean a longer commute to work or more traffic when shopping. But it also means you can buy that tractor of a lawn mower. Whatever makes you feel at home when you step in your back yard, that’s the feeling that matters.

In the city you can find a charming older home, convenience to interesting restaurants and events, and some flavor you can’t find in the burbs. However, that older home may require costly repairs and parking might be a factor. But you love waving to neighbors as your walking the dog to the coffee shop. Decide what matters the most, not for everyone else just what matters to you.

A house in a prestigious neighborhood may be your dream, but there are other nice neighborhoods where you could get more house for your money, not to mention lower taxes or potentially less restrictive neighborhood association guidelines.

Do you workout? How far do you want to live from your gym?

Do you regularly enjoy a drink with friends? How far do want to live from your favorite bar? Your favorite restaurants?

Do you like to sit outside on your front porch or your deck? What’s the neighborhood like in the evening? At sunrise?

Try this. If there’s a house you’re interested in, park on the street one evening and sit there for a little while. What’s the vibe? Then head to your gym. How long does it take? Drive by the house later on a weekend night. Anything going on? Drive to work one morning from the house. How’s the commute? This is a good way to get little taste of what your life may be like if you buy the house and that’s when you’ll know what matters to you.

Ultimately, the house you buy isn’t just your new house, it’s your new lifestyle. Think about the things that are important to you, and choose wisely.

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