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Your real estate agent — experienced?

One factor you may be considering when choosing a real estate agent is their experience. If so, keep this in mind — there’s more than one kind of experience.

Your real estate agent not only finds potential homes or potential buyers, handles your paperwork, has knowledge of the process, etc, they also act as your advisor when making a very big financial and life decision.

In that sense, there’s another kind of experience that’s equally important. How many times has your agent been in your shoes?

When YOU are the one buying or selling the home. YOU are the one living in the home, settling into the neighborhood, developing relationships with neighbors, making repairs or renovations, getting the house ready to sell, you learn things. Our many years in the market we have learned those things.

If you’re looking for an agent to help you buy or sell a property in the Clifton/Crescent Hill/St. Matthews area, consider this… we’ve been there. As real estate investors who have not only lived in many areas of town, we’ve also purchased, rehabbed, flipped and managed properties in this area over years, we’ve learned the little things you can only learn by being IN the process, not just guiding the process.

It’s an entirely different kind of experience, and we’ve got it!

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